Professional Services

Editing Services

I edit nearly every genre in fiction. My specialties are teen fiction, new adult fiction, fantasy, sci-fi, urban fantasy, women’s fiction, LGBTQ+ fiction, and romance. I also edit synopses, query letters, and back cover copy, plus I offer cover copy/query letter drafting services!

For info about how I work, read my FAQs.

BIPOC authors, I offer a reduced rate for editing and consultations. Please contact me, and let’s chat!

**Please note that I don’t edit the following: non-consenting intercourse, bestiality, or explicit intercourse involving persons under the age of 18; graphic bigotry or non-consenting actions against any marginalization (LGBTQ+, neurodivergence, BIPOC, disability, etc.); or graphic on-page violence or abuse in any form.**

Below are the services I provide, along with their starting rate (listed in US dollars).

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Developmental Edits

Starting at $.013 per word (50k words = $650)

I’ll provide a detailed critique within your manuscript on point of view, character arcs, showing vs. telling, romantic arcs, description, sensory details, dialogue, setting, pacing, subplot, and plot. Total cost for these edits includes a complimentary half-hour Skype/zoom session or phone call to discuss revision strategies. If needed, subsequent rounds of developmental edits start at $.007 per word (50k words = $350). No line edits.

Line edits

Starting at $.013 per word (50k words = $650)

I’ll identify the following in your manuscript: awkward or unclear sentences, repetition of sentence patterns, overused words/phrases (“crutch” words), inauthentic-sounding dialogue, body parts acting independently, dangling modifiers, noun/pronoun issues, grammar and syntax errors, and more, plus make suggestions as needed for corrections. I’ll also correct any punctuation errors/typos I find. No content edits.

Edit Back Cover Copy


I’ll provide line edits, plus ask questions and offer in-text comment on material I think is unclear or confusing. I’ll also give content feedback to ensure your cover copy is compelling and best reflects the storyline. Please provide an outline or synopsis.

Write Back Cover Copy


I’ll draft your back cover copy. Please provide an outline or synopsis if I haven’t done developmental edits on the manuscript. After you review the first draft, we can do up to two rounds of revisions to refine the cover copy as best as possible.

Edit One-Page Query Letter


I’ll provide line edits, and ask questions and make comment on elements I feel are unclear. I’ll also offer content feedback to ensure your query pitch is compelling and best reflects the storyline. Please provide a synopsis.

Edit Synopsis


Up to 5 pages double-spaced. I’ll provide line edits, plus ask questions in-text and make comments on material I think is unclear or confusing. I’ll also offer content feedback to ensure your synopsis is compelling and best reflects the storyline.

Book Coaching

$60 per hour

Need help brainstorming or plotting your novel? Too many book ideas and not enough focus? I can help! We can set reasonable writing goals, deadlines, fix saggy middles, iron out those plot or characterization issues, and much more.

I’m available for consultation via email, Skype, zoom, or phone, as a one-time or recurring event.

My consultation rate is charged in 1/2-hour increments and includes reading time of any material beforehand, such as outlines or existing pages, to prepare for our conversation.


Price Varies

I offer online workshops to individuals and writing groups on a variety of topics, including deep point of view, plotting, writing short novels, writing romantic comedy, crafting high-concept stories, self-editing, critiquing, and more.

For individuals, I’ll email lessons and homework assignments directly. For groups, workshops can run anywhere from an hour or two to multi-week lessons.

Contact me directly regarding what workshop you’d like, how long it should run and in what format, and when you want it presented.